Celebration Bermuda Grass

Deep Blue-Green Turf Grass

Celebration Bermuda Grass®

Celebration is a blue-green Bermuda grass that offers practical advantages over other Bermuda grass varieties. Celebration has rated best in research studies for drought tolerance, drought recovery, shade and wear tolerance, and divot recovery. With its soft texture and striking blue-green color, Celebration Bermuda Grass is a great choice for your lawn or sports field.

Characteristics Of Celebration Bermuda Grass®

Shade Tolerant

Drought Tolerant

Soft To Touch

Wear Tolerant

Easy To Maintain

Superior Recovery

  • Celebration Bermuda Full Pallet $275

    Full pallet is 450 square feet

Please note that these prices are for PICK UP ONLY. If you want your sod delivered, there is an additional delivery charge. Call to learn more about that. 

Celebration Bermuda Grass


Here are some of our most popular questions regarding Celebration Bermuda Grass®. If you don't see an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us. 

Is Celebration Bermuda shade tolerant?

No. Celebration Bermuda should be planted in full sun, wide open spaces like all bermuda’s. Celebration will tolerate up to 1/4 day of shade, but any more than that a Zoysia or St. Augustine should be considered because they have much higher shade tolerance.

Does Celebration Bermuda Grass spread?

It can spread 16 – 24 inches per year depending on how heavily it’s fertilized. Celebration is considered a durable and “invasive” type of grass because it grows by rhizomes and stolons. Stolons are tough runners that pop up on the surface of the soil. Rhizomes are stems that grow underground and shoot new roots downward into the soil. In simple terms this means Celebration has great staying power once established when compared to grasses that only spread by stolons, such as St. Augustine grasses.

We this type of sod go dormant?

Yes. Like all warm-season turfgrasses, Celebration will go dormant(brown) with the first hard freeze of the year. Dormancy is natural protection for warm-season grasses to survive winter.

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