Palmetto St. Augustine

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Palmetto St. Augustine®

Palmetto St. Augustine® a grass discovered and developed on a sod farm in central Florida, thrives across the southern United States, from Florida northward to coastal Virginia and westward to California, under a wide range of climatic and soil conditions, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial use.

Palmetto has an outstanding emerald green color that is truly eye catching. It performs well in full sun yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail. Palmetto St. Augustine® requires 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day. It is cold hardy to near 0° F, classifying it as one of the most cold hardy St. Augustine varieties available.

It is also frost tolerant and holds fall and winter color longer than Bermuda, Centipede, or other St. Augustine cultivars. It will remain evergreen in some areas of the deep South. Palmetto St. Augustine® also has a massive root system, making it drought tolerant once established.

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Characteristics Of Palmetto St. Augustine®

Shade Tolerant

Drought Tolerant

Soft To Touch

Wear Tolerant

Injury Recovery

LVN Resistant

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Palmetto St. Augustine Sod


Here are some of our most popular questions regarding Palmetto St. Augustine®. If you don't see an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us. 

Does Palmetto stay green all year round?

No. Palmetto is a warm-season grass variety meaning it will go into dormancy when the weather turns colder in fall and winter. The duration will depend on a number of factors like your location, rainfall amounts, etc.

How much watering should I do after I first install the lawn?

Water your new Palmetto lawn thoroughly after installation ensuring that both the Palmetto is wet and that the soil is moist at a depth of three feet. This is approximately one inch of water. Repeat this watering cycle everyday for the first two to three weeks. Remember that shaded areas and heavy soils require less water than full-sun areas and sandy soils. When proper rooting is evident, back off on watering gradually until you get it down to approximately one inch of water per week, instead of per day.

When will my lawn be ready to mow?

Mow within 10 days of installation and bag clippings for the first few mowings. New installations are often uneven and care should be taken not to “scalp” any high spots.

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